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从2022年到2032年,医疗卫生服务经理的就业预计将增长28%.1 科罗拉多理工大学’s Master of Science in Healthcare Management is designed to help you prepare to effectively manage and lead within healthcare organizations. This online Master’s in Healthcare Management program is structured to help you develop a greater understanding of how to effectively manage a healthcare organization and influence change at a variety of levels for healthcare quality.

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Program Overview

医疗管理理学硕士(MSHCM)是一个在线提供的48学时课程. The program includes 28 credit hours in the healthcare management core with 20 credit hours dedicated to a concentration or electives of the student’s choosing.

The degree program helps students prepare to manage and lead in a variety of health care organizations using principles of financial and human resource management, strategic planning, governance, and ethics. 该计划旨在强调持续的专业发展和对当前政治的理解, legal, 以及影响美国经济的监管环境.S. health care industry. 学生们致力于制定战略,利用与医疗保健金融相关的知识提供高质量的医疗保健, 市场和经济指标,并确定以证据为基础的做法,以评估和提高护理质量. Students are encouraged to utilize their knowledge of health care management and leadership principles to positively influence the delivery of quality health care.


该计划不会导致额外的许可证或认证.  As such, CTU没有就任何州或司法管辖区的执照或认证的先决条件作出决定.


Health Studies at CTU is dedicated to providing quality programs that integrate the relevant principles and competencies to empower students from diverse backgrounds to pursue leadership roles and career pathways in an evolving healthcare field.

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Courses- Concentration Credits
HCM670 医疗保健人力资源管理 4
HCM672 提高医疗保健质量 4
HCM673 医疗保健营销策略 4
HCM675 Healthcare Economics 4
HCM679 医疗保健管理顶点 4
Total Credit Hours: 20
Courses- Core Credits
HCM612 管理医疗保健组织 4
HCM632 Systems in Healthcare 4
HCM671 Healthcare Statistics 4
HCM674 美国的卫生政策 4
HCM676 Healthcare Finance 4
HCM677 医疗保健信息系统 4
HCM678 医疗法律与道德 4
Total Credit Hours: 28

Total Credit Hours: 48

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Learning Outcomes


  1. Apply health care management and leadership principles with ethical decision-making to influence delivery of quality care
  2. Demonstrate effective communication and interpersonal skills necessary for management and leadership positions in health care 
  3. Apply analytic, critical, 以及在现实世界中解决问题的能力,以实现有效的医疗保健操作
  4. 将专业精神和道德决策与卫生保健业务的管理和领导技能结合起来
  5. 制定战略,利用与医疗保健财务相关的知识提供高质量的医疗保健, 市场和经济指标


Dr. Rose Nieves

Dr. Rose Nieves

University Dean

Dr. Rose Nieves是科罗拉多技术大学护理学院院长. In this role, 她利用自己作为护理领导的丰富经验, 教育工作者和医疗保健提供者帮助评估, mold, 发展和指导护理学院.

Dr. Laura Sliwinski, Ph.D.

Dr. Laura Sliwinski, Ph.D.


Dr. Laura Sliwinski joined CTU in 2020 as the 执行项目总监 for Health Studies in the College of Nursing and Health Studies. Dr. Sliwinski在医疗保健和高等教育管理方面拥有超过20年的综合经验.

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1 劳工统计局, /哦/管理/ medical-and-health-services-managers.htm, visited May 9, 2024. 这些数据代表的是国家数据,而不是基于学校的具体信息. 你所在地区的情况可能会有所不同.